*Special Feature* Mikica Day Riley presents…

The Fabulous 40 and Over Club


Miki Riley gives her readers enlightenment on what truly makes a person Fabulous.  We live in an era where social media, photoshopped images, outward appearances of prosperity and (quite frankly) fakeness prevail. The Fabulous 40 & Over Club exposes some ugly truths behind the pictures and posts we see.  It discusses generational differences in women and the relevance to the evolution of Fabulosity.

The Fabulous 40 & Over Club should encourage, inspire, motivate & mentor readers of all ages.  It is a timeless masterpiece that is the first of its series.  After all, there are always 40 different women, ages 40 & over with stories to share due to the wisdom they’ve gained through life experiences while on their journey to FABULOUS!

About the Author

Miki Riley: Inspirational Entrepreneur and Author of The Fabulous 40 & Over Club

Miki is a makeup artist/instructor and small business owner who got her 1st professional makeup job in Chicago at the age of 18 with a glam photography company. Trained there, by the company’s lead  makeup artist, she now has over 23 years of experience in the makeup/beauty industry and has had the pleasure of instructing others in her craft for the past 7 years. The industry has gone through many phases and trends since Miki first started in the business. Picking up new techniques as well as staying true to her original foundation has allowed Miki to not only perfect a naturally glamorous face for her clients but also teach this craft more efficiently. 

Having a passion for the makeup/beauty industry, 5 years after starting her makeup career, Miki began selling fashion accessories. Her company is called Accessory Me. Over the past several years she has been able to provide clients nationwide with beauty industry experience as well as help them gain additional income and accessories through sales from products her company supplies– empowering other women to become entrepreneurs as well.

Being in the business of beauty and understanding it more greatly, as Miki grew in age and maturity, so did her perspective. She believes that beauty is much more than skin deep, which compelled her to write and publish a book called The Fabulous 40 & Over Club. This book dissects the word “Fabulous” from the mature woman’s  perspective, exposing some ugly truths about what some are doing to appear outwardly beautiful.  Miki’s book explains generational differences and how it relates to Fabulosity, expresses the need for more positive role models, and shares stories, as well as words of inspiration and encouragement from mature women (ages 40-90 years old) to all. This is not only a book Miki has penned but an organization of  women she is building to give mentorship and reap the benefits of coming together through exclusive membership, discounted products, services and other national incentives. 

New to Atlanta, Miki is excited to connect with those of like mind as she grows personally, as a new author, in business and in her efforts to empower others through true beauty and love.

Purchase your copy here.




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