*Special Feature* Melissa Fox presents…

No Weapon Formed

 An Exploration of the Black Woman’s Experience in America, and How We Can Move Towards Healing Together


This book explores the earliest beginnings of the Black Woman in this country (United States). No Weapon Formed uses history and current events as a backdrop and also spotlights voices of real [Black] women who discuss their personal experiences and struggles [] in America. Most importantly, No Weapon Formed offers a powerful guide that can be used to help achieve mental and physical healing in a way that is intimate and real for you.

About the Author

Melissa Fox holds a Masters in Healthcare Administration from Louisiana State University and a BA in Communications from Rowan University. She has spent most of her 20+ year career working with mid-size and large community care organizations to reduce disparities and support individuals who have been historically and systemically disenfranchised. Melissa is a member of several boards which address the root causes of inequity and is a board member of her local chapter of the NAACP as well as a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Her life is filled with love from her three children, a wonderful husband of 21 years, and a village of family members both near and far.

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