*Special Feature* K.O. Magee presents…

Hang All the Mistletoe


Photographer, Elyce Scott can make one picture tell a thousand stories. The self-proclaimed “Daddy’s Girl,” is single and successful with a passion for beauty. However, with her father dying of cancer, she embarks on a journey that unearths her fears and swirls her life with conflict. Her happy and independent life turns into a stressful examination of her history with love. To fulfill her father’s final wishes, she must become a wife; except she has no one to consider marrying. 

Delivered with Care’s co-owner, Preston Hart, is a reformed playboy. In fact, he’s looking for a connection he could give his all. With no such luck, speed dating becomes a viable option. When he arrives at the venue, he’s immediately taken with a woman he meets at the bar. She’s in a bit of an emotional rut but he finds himself wanting to do whatever it takes to help climb out and into happiness. Even marry her. 

Is Elyce ready to give up her independence for a trip to the altar at her father’s request? Will uncovering the secrets of the deceased change the bonds she thought were secure? Can Preston handle devotion when truths start spilling? 

About the Author

Author K.O. McGee is a native of Mississippi. She is a wife and a Pinterest loving mom of one. K.O’s background is in human resources, but her passion includes making my characters come alive in novels. 

She writes passionate, contemporary romance. Her stories feature successful people with realistic situations targeted around love and loss. Her modern twist on classic love stories of two people deserving of their chance at love. McGee’s novels usually center around second chance at love, enemies to lovers, as well as childhood loves. 

K.O enjoys listening to old school R&B and often uses playlists to inspire her latest writing project. She has been an avid reader all her life and continues to read between projects. K.O fell in love with writing when she challenged herself to write and publish her first manuscript. McGee has thoroughly enjoyed every part of the publishing process. 





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