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Listen Up!!

UPDATE: I currently use Scribd for my audiobooks and it is amazing. It is a fraction of the cost of Audible and even includes ebooks and magazines! If you’d like to check it out, use my code and get 2 months free! Let me know what you think.

No, seriously. This post is about listening. Well, audiobooks to be more specific. Since becoming a mother, my time for sitting and enjoying a book has been very limited. Has my desire for reading decreased? Absolutely not! I still crave my books, I crave the escape that my books provide. This is where audiobooks have come in handy. I was introduced to audiobooks a few years ago and I have always kept a few in my back pocket (I mean, you never know). But they have become my saving grace.

  • Audiobooks allow you to multi task
  • Audiobooks provide an immersive experience
  • Audiobooks are mobile
  • And believe it or not audiobooks are just as stimulating as physical books.

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. I like to get audiobooks from my library and from

I love using the library because FREE and I like using Libro.FM. They are for the culture they support not only small local bookstores but minorities as well. They celebrate diversity and often have great book deals. Check them out for sure!

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