*Special Feature* Jacqueline Stewart presents…

A Way of Escape


It was a beautiful and sunny spring day in Clayville, California. I had just closed a one-million-dollar deal with a client at the marketing firm I work for, and my commission was deep in profit. So, I decided to take a moment to breathe, reflect and give internal thanks while sitting in the downtown Starbucks.  ​I was sipping on my Iced White Chocolate Mocha when a sexy chunk of “chocolate mocha” came into the coffee shop. I couldn’t take my eyes off him.  He was well dressed in a gray suit and white-collar shirt. The suit was accessorized with chocolate brown shoes, a chocolate belt, and a chocolate handkerchief. His white-collar shirt was open to where I could see the top of his chest. I noticed there was a shiny chain hanging around his neck. It was nothing flashy, but just enough bling against his skin to make him look even tastier.  ​I heard him order a Chai Latte. While he waited on his order, he kept looking at his watch. It seemed like he was in a hurry. His phone rang, and he answered it. “This is Donovan” he said. He listened to whoever was on the other end of the line; then, he hung up.  The barista was finally finished with his order and handed it to him. He took it and left.  My eyes followed him as he passed by the windows of the coffee shop. Before I knew it, we made eye contact. He smiled at me.  He had such a delicious smile. I didn’t want to seem so desperate, so I looked away. However, he liked what he saw, so he came back in and introduced himself to me.

About the Author

Jacqueline Stewart resides in the state of Louisiana. She’s a military spouse and mother of two children. She graduated from Northwestern State University, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in liberal arts. Her roots in writing began with play productions. Jacqueline has written several inspirational plays, a web-series, and a short film. She’s also written inspirational books. Jacqueline is excited to expand her creative writing to women’s fiction stories. She hopes that her writing brings joy, laughter, and purpose to her readers.


“Being able to connect with others is what inspires me as an author. I love to tell stories that make people feel, laugh and cry. I also love to give them a sense of hope and purpose in the midst of my story writing. I enjoy giving them the emotional roller coaster effect that leaves them thinking about their own personal life and choices in the end.”

“Terry McMillan and Kristina Roberts (Zane) inspire me. I believe that Terry’s stories connect with women from all walks of life and I believe that Zane’s stories give women the courage to explore their sexual freedom.”

Writing Career

“I’ve been writing since 2009. I started with writing inspirational play productions, then it led to writing a web-series. In 2019, I wrote a couple of short films and was ready to produce and direct them in 2020, but Covid-19 stopped me and my crew dead in our tracks with filming.”

Author Notes about this Book

“Connecting with women is what inspired me to write this book. I wanted to tell a story that they could resonate with, and leave them thinking about their personal power as well as the power of the universe. “

“I learned that I can get a little nasty with my writing language. I learned how to flow freely on the page, then go back and find a balance.”

 Yes, I most definitely would love to change my books into movies. The way that I write gives readers the ability to visually see the story. I hope the reader walks away with the understanding of knowing that they have the power to choose, no matter the situation, circumstance or relationship.

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