Here is a brief list of the services that I offer. These services are perfect for new bloggers, authors, students, and recent graduates. If you have any questions or would like to inquire about services,  contact me.

  • Essay Consultation- brainstorm ideas, formulate outlines, critique essays
  • Resume’ Critique – revise and edit resume for clarity, purpose, and cohesion
  • Proofread – check and correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, formatting
  • Proofread for a specific style guide – See above but catered to a specific guide such as APA or MLA
  • Structural Edit – check and change the organization of text
  • Content Edit –analyzing and making corrections for conciseness and clarity to suit the purpose. Adding or taking away text, rewriting sections for clarity, checking and correcting inconsistencies, check and correct the flow of sentences and the cohesion of the text
  • Proofread and Edit – combination of these services
  • Format – checking and correcting inconsistencies with formatting