Here is a brief list of the services that I offer. These services are perfect for new bloggers, authors, students, and recent graduates. Receive a quote within 3 business days.

  • Essay Consultation- brainstorm ideas, formulate outlines, critique essays
  • Resume’ Critique – revise and edit resume for clarity, purpose, and cohesion
  • Proofread – check and correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, formatting
  • Copy Editing- proofreading plus checking and changing the organization of text, analyzing and making corrections for conciseness and clarity to suit the purpose. Adding or taking away text, rewriting sections for clarity, checking and correcting inconsistencies, check and correct the flow of sentences and the cohesion of the text
  • Developmental editing- proofreading and copy editing plus comments and suggestions for plot and character development, pacing, and dialogue, genre research and suggestions for appeal to audience
  • Tutoring – ESL/ELL, English/Language Arts (Grades K -12), Writing, Reading Comprehension

Packages and monthly retainers are available.