*Special Feature* Julia Monatez presents…

The Adventures of Pamela King


The Adventures of Pamela King series follows Pamela King, a 6-year-old girl who explores the world through her many adventures with her family. Pamela is curious, imaginative, outspoken, and aspires to be the world’s best detective. However, sometimes Pamela’s eager curiosity can get her into rocky situations, as she is still learning the importance of THINKING BEFORE SHE LEAPS!

About the Author

About the Author

Julia Aaryn Montanez is a community organizer, world traveler, humanitarian, writer and filmmaker. Her passion for writing started at the tender age of 10 years old. Julia credits her enthusiasm for writing to her big imagination! Her mission with The Adventures of Pamela King book series and animation is to encourage children everywhere to grow their imagination and to experience the joys of “just being a kid.” Our author delivers fun, experimental, and motivating children’s books and an animation web-series to ignite the power of a child’s imagination.

“I believe that the power of imagination is a crucial component in our healthy mental development as adults and children. I have, too often, witnessed children forced to grow up too fast and adults that have lost their vitality due to the stresses of daily life. We can all take a page from a children’s book and strive to remain young at heart.” ~Julia Aaryn Montanez”

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