Featured Short Story: Chronicles of Kendrah

                                                                CHAPTER 1: BACKGROUND DANCER

This is love. Two people crazy about each other, holding hands, gazing into each other’s eyes just like on the movies. Yep, this is it. But that’s not me (insert record scratch).

Picture A

Picture B

That’s me…… All the way in the back to the right. In the background. Looking at the couple in front all in love and stuff. *Sigh. Story of my life. Maybe I should introduce myself. Hi, I’m Kendrah. Kendra with an –h on the end as I like to say. Why does my name have an –h on the end, you might ask? No fucking clue. I asked my mom once why she felt the need to add an –h to end when everyone knows that K-E-N-D-R-A spells “Kendra” and her response was “I wanted to make sure”.

So here I am 28 year old “Kendrah” with an –h. Single. Owner of a one-eyed dog named Peanut (breed unknown). Working part-time as a Remote Reservation & Sales Specialist for a hotel chain. If you want to know what that long title means, it basically means I sit around my apartment in my pajamas with a head set on all day and book hotel rooms for beautiful couples like such pictured above. REFER TO FOREGROUND OF PICTURE A AND PICTURE B. At least I like to think the people who book rooms with me are beautiful couples—- maybe celebrating an anniversary or getting a weekend staycation away from the kids. However, once I did book a room for a cheating husband that made me feel some kinda way. How did I now he was cheating? Because he said “If Mrs. Carter calls to verify the reservation, we never spoke”. Okay, cheating, lying husband with a psycho wife who knows you’re cheating but acts likes she needs more proof instead of just leaving your cheating, lying ass….. Whatever.

 Anyways, my job is pretty cool for the most part though. I get to set my own hours and spend time at home with Peanut. I really took this job over a part time gig at DSW because Peanut needed to be house trained. That lasted about 2 months then I gave up. He still pees and poops wherever he wants to (I refuse to give him the benefit of the doubt and blame it on the one eye though smh). Plus he does the opposite of everything I say.

 I go “Peanut, sit” He rolls over. “Peanut, roll over” He sits. “Peanut, speak” He just stares at me in silence. I even told him to fetch once and he actually starting humping my leg. So ummmm yea, that whole training Peanut ship has since sailed.

Back to my job though…..I like it the most because of the flexible schedule. I can go and get my hair done in the middle of the day sometimes, run errands like go to the bank, lie to myself and act like I’m going to my 12noon Zumba class (when all I really do is put on my leggings and tank top and take selfies in the bathroom mirror and post to SnapChat and IG), and get my daily Cappuccino from the café in Barnes & Noble. BARNES & NOBLE! Yes, that’s where I first saw HIM…. HIM being the cute chocolate guy with the beard who was buying a 2017 planner and a Michael Jackson Greatest Hits CD in the checkout line near my café table.

First thought: Oooooh wow he is a goal setter, already planning ahead for the new year. Yasssss, yasssss, yassss! Sexy and ambitious.

Second thought: Dude, who still buys CDs? We are in the age of digital technology. We can now get every song MJ ever made and even some stuff he didn’t with one click on my phone.

Third thought: He is super fine with a beard (Cha-Ching!) so I’ll forget that he’s buying a CD like my grandmother still does.

I don’t think he noticed me that day in Barnes & Noble. I was kinda hiding behind a bookmark display to cover up the fact that I was checking him out very hard. Clean shoes, crisp jeans, nice button down, and some heaven sent cologne that I swear should be named “Panty Dropper”. Ask me how I know. Its like his aroma just lingered after her walked past me to get in line. *Sigh. Yes, indeed. The man was a sight to behold. But I don’t ever get approached by guys like that. I get the other dudes. Dusty, broke, gold teeth, and hasn’t had a planner since it was required in 4th grade. So I let that image of HIM settle in my mind. Daydreaming about someone like him approaching me. Looking at me like the man in picture previously mentioned (REFER TO FOREGROUND PICTURE A AND PICTURE B) This went on for about a week until………………………………………………………OMG I saw him again! This time while I was in line to see the teller at the bank. AHHHHHHHHH!

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Dana Bryant wears many hats.

She’s a speech language pathologist, speaker, blogger, creative consultant, and most recently a creative writer who is sharing her works with the world. Originally from Birmingham, AL she now calls Alexandria, VA home. When she’s not working, writing, or consulting, you can find her learning new gluten free dessert recipes, caring for her plant babies, or reading a book for her virtual book club Read Between the Miles.

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