NEW RELEASE: The Brown Boy Talk

We are in the sixth month of 2020 and this year so far has felt like one of those long weeks in which it seems that Friday will never come. So much has happened in so few months. Currently we are in the midst of social upheaval and uprising, in the center of the Black Lives movement. This will be history but for now it is our present. Tensions are high, yet dialogue is occurring. Because it is our present we want to make sure that the younger kids are aware and knowledgeable but as parents we wonder where to begin with the new “TALK” with our children. How do we expose and educate them without frightening them?

Educator, LaRhonda Taplin perfectly lays it all on the table in her debut children’s book, The Brown Boy Talk. She uses poetic prose to highlight the issues that African American males are facing and sprinkles a little bit a faith, family, and culture.

“The knee-bone of a racist police officer and the loss of a soul too soon have been pivotal and provoking stimuli for world-wide protests for change, for justice. The reality of these systemic injustices is cause for prepared thinking and informed discussions beginning at home. This book in story form addresses these issues and the Jesus factor, too. It is only one tool, but we know several other arrows in the quiver are necessary. Our brown boys deserve to have preparation in times like these.  

Author/Speaker/Educator – LaRhonda Taplin


Let’s Chat: Have you had the “talk” with your children? What other resources might you use?

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