*Special Feature* Shawn Flossy presents…

The Nightlife Chronicles II: Taya’s Plight


Taya Roberts is back – Back trying to pick up the pieces of her life that remain after Michael “Money Mike” Keith imploded her life. Not only did Mike leave her with a broken heart but exposed her in a city she’s embarrassed to return to. Nonetheless, just like any female boss, Taya’s bounce back game is impeccable. This time she takes a city by storm, ensuring she’s careful of the next man that she allows to slide into her bedroom.

After a quick reminder that the Nightlife is her playground, where she thrives, she learns how to navigate men while balancing business and maintaining what is true to her core.

Excerpt from Book

Who would have thought I’d ever leave the sexy streets of Miami to move to Austin, TX, the new hub for startups? I know I didn’t. Matter of fact, if you would have thrown the idea at me a year ago I would have likely laughed. But, boom, here I am. Especially with all the bullshit I went through with Michael Antonio Keith Jr. I was through with that overly hyped ass city. And I’m especially done with, completely over, sick as hell of people asking me about Money Mike. Matter of fact, who is that? I’m not even familiar. Hell.

About the Author

A passionate writer. Avid Blogger. Former Radio Host. Entrepreneur. HBCU graduate.

Shawn is a self-published author who founded PURP Publications and FLOSSY Magazine out of passion for telling, and helping others tell, stories.. Before venturing into her first novel, The Nightlife Chronicles, Shawn was known for her viral erotic late night blog that spiraled into her authorship. As a former internet radio host, she learned to lean into the part of her personality that she always believed to be “too outspoken”.

An overindulgent personality, a passion for users stories and an incredibly carefree attitude are the writer components that make up Shawn Flossy. As she delivers her latest piece, Taya’s Plight, Shawn reminds us why we love reading stories about people who don’t always have it one hundred percent together. She’s known for her straightforward blunt style that is not only relatable but fun to read.

With more ventures on the horizon, Shawn releases the follow up to the Nightlife Chronicles; a story about growth, evolution and grace.





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