OK, ok… I know I have been slacking on posting book reviews. Trying to keep up with several social media accounts, personal business, business business, baby business, family business, and civilian business I have been bogged down. I still have been reading but I have mostly been posting my reviews and reads on Instagram and Goodreads. I will say that my reviews aren’t super detailed anymore. I feel like my star rating system isn’t really working. I am such a mood reader, I feel like I need to read a book at least twice to give it a good review. Anyway my reviews are pretty basic: I liked it or I didn’t. The plot was good or it wasn’t. The writing was good or it wasn’t. The character development worked or didn’t. You catch my drift? Reviews can become cumbersome and had started to feel like homework. That’s not why I started blogging. I blogged to share what I was reading and maybe how I was feeling. I love reading so that’s what I wanted to share here. Most people don’t read long drawn out reviews anyway (but some do).

Writing reviews was starting to feel like some bad homework. Like those essays with word count minimums (aht aht…).

But I said all of that to say I am getting back to doing me and what made me happy.

Anyway, if you would like to keep up with my current reads and some of my up to the minute reviews check out my social media.

You can always find out what I am reading through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Let’s connect!

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