Read This, Watch That

The past few months of “sheltering in place” have led to a lot more TV watching for the average American. According to data from Comcast, the average household is watching TV at least 8 hours or more per week since being quarantined. In early March 2020, the average household watched 57 hours of content per week. That’s now up to 66 hours a week. YIKES!
If you’re anything like me, you love a good TV show but also a good book too! Have you found a TV show you really like and want book recommendations on what may be similar?

Or do you want a break from your show binges and want to get lost in abook?

Either way, look no further, I got you!

Check out my list of complementary tv shows and books.


Let’s Chat: What are some of your complementary TV show and book pairs?

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