Book Review: Garden of Eden by Missy Mills


It is better to give than receive so Angela believes. This happens to be the very reason Angela continues to give Sundaygar the best of herself, while attempting to hold on to a dubious and unstable relationship. One moment Sundaygar is the answer to her prayers and the next he is everything but. With Angela’s biological clock rapidly ticking and her relationship hastily declining, how much is Angela willing to sacrifice in order to meet her heart’s desire?


Wow! Captivating from the first few pages. Missy Mill’s memoir about her complicated, whirlwind, on and off relationship is raw, intriguing, and REAL! The writing was beautiful, almost poetic prose all the while painting a passionate and intense portion of her life. Although this book is categorized as a memoir, I am pretty sure that it is in a genre of its own. It reads like a novel, yet has the flow of poetry, but tells the real story of Missy’s quest to find an unyielding love.


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