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Book Review: The Blind by A.F. Brady


Sam James has spent years carefully crafting her reputation as the best psychologist at Typhlos, Manhattan’s most challenging psychiatric institution. She boasts the highest success rates with the most disturbed patients, believing if she can’t save herself, she’ll save someone else. It’s this savior complex that serves her well in helping patients battle their inner demons, though it leads Sam down some dark paths and opens her eyes to her own mental turmoil.

When Richard, a mysterious patient no other therapist wants to treat, is admitted to Typhlos, Sam is determined to unlock his secrets and his psyche. What she can’t figure out is why does Richard appear to be so completely normal in a hospital filled with madness? And what, really, is he doing at the institution? As Sam gets pulled into Richard’s twisted past, she can’t help but analyze her own life, and what she discovers terrifies her. And so the mind games begin. But who is the savior and who is the saved?

My Review:

A psychological mess. Psychologist, Dr. Samantha James appears to have it all together…but everything is not as it appears. As she comes to terms with the mess that is her life a stranger comes in and threatens her little sense of security.

It was kind of hard to keep up with everything that was going on. Although this was supposed to be a psychological thriller, it had a lot of drama! And it was melodramatic too. I liked the concept of the messed up psychologist, however, I think there was something off about the execution. I found myself putting this book down way too many times, but I had gotten too far not to finish. I was not impressed with the ending, so my hard work did not pay off (LOL).

Read at your own risk.

Triggers: Domestic violence, rape, drug and alcohol use

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