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Book Review: Sworn to Silence by Linda Castillo



When a serial killer strikes bucolic Painters Mill, Ohio, the killer’s signature -—Roman numerals ritualistically carved into each victim’s abdomen- —matches the MO of four unsolved murders from 16 years earlier. Police chief Kate Burkholder, who’s reluctant to dredge up the past, must keep secret that she knows why the old murders stopped. Not satisfied with the case’s progress, local politicos set up a multijurisdictional task force to assist, including a law-enforcement agent battling his own demons. The added scrutiny and the rising body count threaten to push the chief over the edge.

My Review: 

Fast paced thriller/suspense. Police Chief Kate Burkholder struggles with an inner conflict as her small town and police department are reeling from recent serial killer murders.

Overall, it was very well written. I marked off a half star because the characters were not well developed. There was just enough information for one to distinguish among them but not much information to make them multidimensional.

I loved the writing; the sentences seemed to reflect the mood with short, successive sentences speeding up the pace to mimic tension, stress, and suspense. It’s told mostly from Kate’s point of view but does alternate to a 3rd person omniscient.

Readers beware that it does include very graphic descriptions of horrific murders and violent rapes and torture. Not for the faint of heart.

Otherwise, I recommend it.

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