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My Review System *UPDATED 3/2/21*

Update: For the purposes of my blog and social media reviews, I am doing away with my star rating system. I do have to use a rating on Amazon and Goodreads but for the blog, I will only tell you that I liked it (or not) and try to give a brief understanding as to why. 

I rate my books using a 5 point star system similar to what Goodreads  (more about that later) uses. Below I will explain what I mean when I rate the novels. However, before I begin let me say that I recommend every novel that I read whether I could not finish it or whether I rated it 5 stars. Everyone has different experiences with books and I want you as a reader to have that opportunity with as many books as you can.  This opens the floor for more dialogue for us because you can contribute your experience. I want to hear your thoughts.

This type of dialogue is where we learn from one another. Reading is not a selfish act…therefore, let’s all share.

Now that that’s out of the way on to my rating system.

My Review System (1)

Do you rate your books? What system for rating do you have? Let’s chat.

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